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    More than a logistics provider

    Your Global Forwarding Partner

“Partnership is something extremely valuable to D.B. Group. Which is why, when working with us, you will rarely hear us refer to “customer” and “provider”.  We are Your Global Forwarding Partner.”

Our commitment to knowing our partners’ needs and market trends, and to broadening and improving our services, has brought an increasing number of clients to choose D.B. Group.


D.B Group was founded in the 1980s, when the brothers Valter and Vittorino De Bortoli teamed up to provide international forwarding services. Knowing the importance of the global dimension of goods exchanges, they positioned themselves as partners who support their clients in managing all issues of the geographical limitations and distances.

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D.B. Group’s Vision

The sense of partnership

For D.B. Group, the word “partnership” takes on a special meaning. It is the essence of our way of approaching logistics.
With our clients and providers, we create long-term relationships knowing that through teamwork we can build a better, more sustainable and positive future. This is why, when working with us, you will rarely hear us refer to “customer” and “provider”.
We are your Global Forwarding Partner.

Nurturing Talent

Strong, longlasting partnerships can only derive from the work of committed, focused people so we believe that people constitute the main strategic asset. We are proud of our talents and constantly strive to find new ones, recruiting them, training them, and growing together with them. Innovation, technology, infrastructures are fundamental. But people are more. 

Developing the network

Our reliability and performance are measured mainly on our ability to offer the same standards of quality, approach to logistics, and commitment of persons in all the countries served by the D.B. Group network. This is why we share our best practices among our offices worldwide. It is only in this way that we can truly claim to be a “global logistics provider”.

D.B. Group in figures



Our personnel has been growing constantly since the year of our foundation.
We seek and cultivate the enthusiasm for integrated logistics worldwide.

Branch offices


We export our best practices to 21 countries worldwide,
always offering the same standard of service and, most importantly, commitment.



380 MLN

D.B. Group’s sales are constantly increasing.
Our growth is based on the solid partnerships we succeed in creating with our clients
as we support their process of internationalization and global development
by leveraging our services in all parts of the world.


320.000 SQM

Not only standard warehouses but bonded, tax and temperature-controlled warehouses too.
The specialization of our logistics hubs allows us to provide our clients with even the most complex warehousing
needs through optimization, bringing opportunities for extra savings.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At D.B. Group, we don’t “only” always guarantee quality standards and our undertakings. We also pay constant attention to protecting and developing our human and environmental resources. D.B. Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility is expressed by daily implementing the rules of management and conduct laid out in our Code of Ethics, and in everything we do that aims at respecting the environment in which the Group operates.



Our quality policy has always identified us and enables us to convey our skills to our clients, as guaranteed by the many certifications we have earned. The need to constantly maintain high standards of quality in our services led us to organize our internal procedures to smooth and effective in every circumstance, thereby guaranteeing clear, quick and quality services. D.B. Group is ISO 9001:2008 quality certified, with the first certification obtained in 1996). We are also certified by C-TPAT, are a registered FIATA (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés) agent, I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association) agent, and an Authorized Economic Operator AEO.