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    Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility refers to companies taking responsibility for their impact on society.

Although CSR is becoming more important to corporate competitiveness, it comes naturally to us as we have been looking after people and the environment always since the D.B. Group’s foundation.



Through our Code of Ethics, we express our commitment to working to standards of honesty and safety, while striving for continued growth in the interests of balance and social respect.

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We want our workplace to be a clear environment in which anyone noticing violations can feel free to speak up, even anonymously. For this reason, we have set up a platform dedicated to whistleblowing

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We have decided to create our "Go-green Forest" as one more of the real-world actions that everyday we try to implement in order to support a growth, for both our company and the market in which we operate, more ethical and sustainable, more green and environmental-friendly.

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Green thinking

Attention to the environment

For D.B. Group, respect for the environment is at the heart of our vision: placing focus on people also means defending and enhancing the environment they live in, as there can be no real development other than a truly "sustainable" development, and all our actions are consistent with this philosophy.

Consumption and savings

Concepts frequently used today such as ‘lean & green’ and ‘paperless logistics’, have long been guidelines for D.B. Group for creating sustainable innovation. For us, saving is not merely the efficiency we are committed to guaranteeing our customers. It is also the ability to generate ‘environmental savings’.

The relationship with technology

Technology must improve people's lives and the "health" of their environment. Document digitalization, innovative energy-saving systems, and increasingly safe and greener means of transport are some examples of technological innovations we promote and implement as being consistent with our vision and values.

Our Head Office

The new headquarters was created with the aim of creating a working environment that would interpret and express the Group’s values and philosophy: internationality, concreteness, innovation and projection towards the future. Also in the choice of materials: glass, which represents transparency, and steel (solidity), giving rise to a unique external form that reminds one of a ship’s hull, while the idea of movement is underlined by the external cladding. At the same time, the architectural design envisaged the study of structural solutions in line with our philosophy of environmental protection and low energy impact.
We have leveraged a solar heating system, a photovoltaic system, the insulation of the structures both inside and out, low-emission windows, shielding systems to limit the summer solar radiation without limiting the winter solar warming, a low-temperature ceiling radiant system for heating and cooling, we have reduced consumption by 40% compared to traditional systems, thereby minimizing environmental impact. The interiors are bright and open, designed to enhance circulation and exchange of ideas and human capital, in an environment that is attentive to the needs of the people who work there daily.