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Australia: a target market in the Pacific area

Australia is the standard-bearer of development on the Asia-Pacific scene. The D.B. Group has been there since 2005 with its two branch offices in the two major cities of Sydney and Melbourne. It's a dynamic outlet market for many kinds of products.

Australia, a low-risk environment to invest in

The Australian economy is undergoing a major transformation, moving from growth led by investment in resources projects, to broader‑based drivers of business in the non‑resources sectors. But the historic reasons to invest in this country remain unchanged: Australia’s economic resilience and potential provide a safe, low-risk environment in which to do business as it is borne out by its GDP, which is entering its 24th year of uninterrupted annual growth.

D.B. Group Australia: an overview

The D.B. Group has two branch offices in Australia:
- the main office is located in Sydney, a key point in the heart to the freight industry hub. We are in between the CITY CBD (3 km) and Botany Bay & MASCOT (2 km) where both port and airport are located. So we are close to our clients as well as the port and airport.
- the second branch office is located in Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania.

D.B. Group Australia offers a complete range of services covering Road, Air, and Sea Freight both import and export, with an advanced Track and Trace platform to obtain information on shipments, and a high-level customer service and bespoke solutions.

Traditionally, D.B. Group Australia has served clients who buy goods from manufactures overseas, and customers importing high-value commodities, because our prime service is an extra added value to the already high quality of the goods. The main markets we serve are machinery, fashion, electronics and furniture.

High-quality logistics services for importers and exporters of high-value commodities: is D.B. Group Australia.

A Reliable logistic partner for high-end goods

We like to consider D.B. Group Australia as a partner for integrated logistics: we tailor the service to all clients according to their specific needs.

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