Catia Donadel | DB Group

Catia Donadel

Driven by her strong passion for the East, Catia Donadel, D.B. Group China – Hong Kong General Manager,

shared with us, through her experience, the meaning of developing a new market and sustaining the growth of a team

A strong passion for the East led me to move to Hong Kong many years ago and to consider the city the “home” for me and my family. My international career started working in the Chinese territory for different companies in the fashion and sport industries, for which I mainly covered sales and retail job roles.

I then moved to the freight forwarding industry. In 2004, while working with a local agent, I got in touch with D.B. Group reality. The Board had chosen to widen its network, and we started by opening in Hong Kong, the first office in the Chinese area, where now there are five more distributed in the territory.

This experience has meant to me the right opportunity to put in place my passion and curiosity, exploiting my organizational skills to create a growing team, the founding basis for our development on the Chinese area.


 “Every issue and every need of our clients represent an opportunity to improve ourselves and learn something new.”



After basing our roots in Northern Italy, the company’s growth has been consistent and gradual throughout the years. With the opening of Hong Kong office and successively of other offices in the territory, D.B. Group always had the focus of standing side by side to Italian companies, involved in the establishment of production plants in People's Republic of China and in various Asian countries.

We started by handling the logistics of all the materials coming from Europe and the “just in time” shipments for many companies that were developing their sales activities in all continents. Now we can manage logistics activities “from plant to shop” for various clients operating in different Asian countries.

From 2004 until now, we have experienced market evolutions, the development of e-commerce activities and all the new requirements of our clients, becoming a trusted partner for many global brands. For a Group born in the eighties with the focus on road transports, the evolution has been very fast and allowed D.B. Group to stand out as a key player of international logistics and freight forwarding.


Our daily activities are driven by passion and our office is governed by team spirit: thanks to this we can maintain a service sensitive to the needs of each client. Respect and collaboration between colleagues and clients are core values for us, and we care about extending them to the colleagues of other branches with which we established an excellent relationship of trust and cooperation.

The Board support in structuring a network of offices around the world with which sharing opportunities and challenges, leads us to keep being motivated and open to new development prospects.