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Chile: the best access point to Latin America

Ambitious recent infrastructural projects have made Chile a standard-bearer of progress in Latin America, and the country has developed public policies that are international models of good governance. It thus represents the best access point for Latin American markets.

Chile, a bridge to Latin American markets

The strength of Chile is in its institutional stability, strategy of open trade, and in the quality of its macroeconomic management and solid financial system. The opening of a D.B. Group subsidiary in Chile is seen as a bridgehead towards new fast-growing countries such as Brasil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It is a solid platform for developing intra-latam (Alianza del Pacifico – Mercosur) and transpacific (APEC) business.

D.B. Group Chile: an overview

The D.B. Group Chile is located in the country's capital, Santiago de Chile. Santiago is a metropolis with almost 7 million inhabitants, amounting to 40% of Chile's overall population. The northern part of the city is strategic due to its vicinity to the airport. 

D.B. Group Chile has its office in Quilicura in the north of Santiago, with its own warehouse of 600 sq.m and own vehicles for local distribution and collection of cargo. 

The office location is close to the motorway ring-road leading to the two main ports of San Antonio and Valparaiso, where 80% of total TEU are moved in and out of the country.

With a well-established experience in logistics for machinery, manufacturing, electrical and telecommunication equipment, textile, clothing and furniture, D.B. Group Chile offers its clients a full range of freight forwarding and logistics services for all needs, as well as consulting on specific matters as custom-made logistics solutions, customs bonded warehousing, liaising with customs brokers (Freight Forwarding Companies in Chile cannot provide this service), and advising on foreign trade.

D.B. Group Chile also manages the supply chain of food and other perishable products thanks to a remarkable expertise in fresh and frozen logistics. 

A safe access point to reach many fast-growing markets

The successful conclusion of trade negotiations between Chile and the most significant world economies means excellent news for boosting economic expectations.

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