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Daniele Martignago

Challenges and international projects for Daniele Martignago, part of the ERP team in D.B. Group Headquarters


Describe yourself with three adjectives.

Determined, careful, reliable. However, I have some flaws too!

Tell us about your professional experience before joining D.B. Group and your current professional role.

In my career, I have always looked for experiences that could be challenging and that could help me to improve my professional background. After my graduation in engineering management, I continued to work for De’ Longhi, where I had already entered with an internship during my academic career. This experience helped me to deepen my knowledge on production processes and other ground elements, such as organization and priority and people management. After a brief period working for Nice Spa, in 2015 I discovered a brand-new field: this is how my career at D.B. Group began. I started off in the Organization department, analyzing business processes; currently I am employed in the ERP department.

What is and who is part of your team? What are your main tasks?

I am part of the ERP team, alongside my supervisor, Paolo Cecchetto, and my colleagues Claudio Bosco and Davide Polotto. Our tasks are all about our pieces of ERP software, from the user administration to the international projects. It is very challenging, because it is essential to know every business process and enforce them in our software: you have to deal with delivery management, customs duties, accounting or logistics.

Which are the most interesting and complex projects you were part of?

When talking about important projects, I have to mention the implementation of our new ERP. The introduction of an ERP software is always something incredible for a company, and I am sure it was the same way for D.B. Group. In addition, I would also like to mention the implementation of our customs management software, and the BI software. These challenging projects have been bringing new functionalities, and are part of D.B. Group’s ongoing digitalization process.

Which are the main difficulties, while working for D.B. Group’s international projects that concern all offices worldwide?

International projects this big, involving many people, require strong attention and coordination skills. Even though it is difficult, working with people and offices from all around the world, with different needs and approaches, enables me to grow personally and professionally, and to learn how to manage complex situations.

Which has been your biggest satisfaction while working for D.B. Group?

The implementation of the new ERP for our American branches has been without a doubt my biggest satisfaction so far. Particularly, it has represented great fulfillment working with our Atlanta office, where I had the chance to personally manage the adoption. These were two intense weeks, where not only I had to supervise the change of the ERP, but also the change in the customs management software. It was extremely complex: the software was completely new for me, and a great amount of coordination between departments in Italy and abroad was needed. That is why, completing this task with success has been my biggest satisfaction since I started to work for D.B. Group.

Since your first day, you have been able to take part to the global digitalization process of D.B. Group. Which are the biggest benefits for you and your team?

For 4 years, I have been living the incredible transformation moment D.B. Group has been experiencing. Prior to joining D.B. Group, I had the chance to work in different environments; I must say that the rate at which these changes are implemented here is very high. The introduction of more structured pieces of software that are focused on the needs of D.B. Group helped us to grant a high level of service to our internal and external customers. At the same time, we have been able to reduce low-value-added activities.


Describe today’s D.B. Group with three adjectives.Dynamic, challenging and international: three essential characteristics for a company in an ever-changing field, like that of forwarding and logistics.