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D.B. Group’s Vision

Our logistics is the exact image of our way of thinking. This is why we want, first of all, to share with you our Vision.


In a world of services, people are what create added value: this is why our Vision is deeply “human”. We are proudly demonstrating that even if technological innovation is a prerequisite for a logistics provider, the enthusiasm, commitment and know-how of our people are what make D.B. Group different at its core. 

The sense of partnership

Partnership is something extremely valuable to the D.B. Group. With our clients and providers, at D.B. Group we set up long-term relationships based on the belief that, as a team, we can build a better, more sustainable and positive future. Which is why, when working with us, you will rarely hear us refer to “customer” and “provider”.  We are Your Global Forwarding Partner.

Nurturing our talents

Strong partnerships come from resolute, focused people. And for us people are the main strategic asset. We are proud of our talents and constantly strive to find new ones, recruiting them, training them, and growing together with them. Innovation, technology, infrastructures are fundamental. But people are more.

Devolping the Network 

We know that we are a reliable and performing partner only if, everywhere in the world where our branch offices are located, and where our agents operate, we are capable of offering the same approach to logistics, quality standards and commitment of people. This is why we share D.B. Group’s best practices among our offices worldwide. So we are truly present in every corner of the world.

The D.B. Group’s values, held at the very core of our organization, determine what we are today, and will shape what we will become in the future. We share them among our employees and partners and they represent the “D.B. Group’s way” to integrated logistics.

1. GLOBAL VIEW: we deliver locally and think globally: we are where our clients need us.

2. COMMITMENT: your goods are our goods, your success is our pride.

3. ORGANIZATION: our large network acts as a single stakeholder for our customers.

4. FLEXIBILITY: we flex but never break, even when under heavy pressure.

5. CONSTANT GROWTH: we don't aim for giant leaps, but we have been growing for 35 years.