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D.B. Group in Brief

Our mission is to provide full-package global freight forwarding and logistics solutions through a customized range of air, ocean and overland transport services that link all of the world’s major destinations. 

Our commitment to knowing our customers’ needs and market trends, and to broadening and fine-tuning our services, has brought an increasing number of clients to choose the D.B. Group.

We’re not just a supplier but a trusted partner, a genuine solution provider that draws on over 30 years in the business. Extensive know-how matched with consistent innovation characterizes our approach when designing our bespoke solutions in global forwarding and logistics.

And together with our “standard” services of integrated logistics, forward-
ing, consultancy and assistance, we have developed a personal approach to tailored solutions for critical cases - such as large volumes to be delivered in the shortest time, priceless artworks, the setting up of outsourced logistics platforms and much more. 




D.B. Group board of Directors




We are glad to introduce you our Board of Directors, which is currently made up of:




D.B. Group President Vittorino De Bortoli
D.B. Group Executive Vice President Valter De Bortoli
D.B. Group Chief Executive Officer Silvia Moretto




Areas of Application




We work with a wide range of markets: some of them are Fashion and Lifestyle, Outdoor and Sport Equipment, Furniture, Industrial, Grocery, Machinery, Wine and Beverage, Technology.





D.B. Group Key Expertise

Integrated logistics - Supply chain management


Management of Bonded and Fiscal Warehouses

Forwarding - Air, Sea, Road, Rail

Fresh and Frozen Logistics

Customs Planning and Assistance

Global Planning

Management of Special Projects

D.B. Group in figures

480 Employees Globally

A number that has been growing constantly since the year of D.B. Group’s foundation. Recruiting the enthusiasm for integrated logistics worldwide.




36 Branch Offices

We have exported our best practices to 13 countries worldwide, offering always the same standard of service and, above all, commitment. 

135 Mln Turnover

D.B. Group’s sales are constantly growing. 
We are growing with our partners worldwide.

3.000 Per-Day Shipments

Air, Sea, Road, Rail. For the D.B. Group, the only thing that counts is that our clients can trust that their goods will be in the right place at the right time.