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    D.B. Group Forest with Treedom


For D.B. Group, respect for the environment is at the heart of our vision: placing focus on people also means defending and enhancing the environment they live in, as there can be no real development other than a truly "sustainable" development. All our actions are consistent with this philosophy.

Concepts frequently used today such as ‘lean & green’ and ‘paperless logistics’, have long been guidelines for D.B. Group for creating sustainable innovation. For us, saving is not merely the efficiency we are committed to guaranteeing our customers. It is also the ability to generate ‘environmental savings’.


we have shared from the beginning the approach at the basis of Treedom Project, and we have decided to create our "Go-green Forest" as one more of the real-world actions that everyday we try to implement in order to support a growth, for both our company and the market in which we operate, more ethical and sustainable, more green and environmental-friendly.

Where are the trees?

Our trees are planted in agroforestry projects that promote virtuous interaction among different species and sustainable use of resources and land.