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Enrico Gentile

Enrico Gentile, North America Sales Director based in D.B. Group New York:

resolution and passion to encourage the growth of his team and the development of new projects

My journey in D.B. Group started in 2010, as the company was willing to develop the US inbound ocean trade and I was looking to relocate, for the second time, from Italy to the US.
Once I was offered the job in New York from the C.E.O., I was immediately intrigued by D.B. Group’s vision and the opportunities I could glimpse behind accepting a position that, at the beginning, did not seem to perfectly suit me.

Once on board, I worked in absorbing the Group’s DNA, as I strongly believed I had to transmit to potential clients our vision of service and partnership.

This first stage helped me realizing that the greatest added value that D.B. Group can offer to its own people is to


“use your talents and professional skills in the most creative and assertive way, because what’s good for you is good for the company”.



My resolution and passion encouraged the increase of ocean inbound trade and the hyper specialization in high-end furniture and kitchen handling. One year later I started the scouting of the Miami market, that resulted in the opening of D.B. Group Miami. My journey led to a great achievement, as we created a sales team and inside sales team, distributed among all D.B. America branches, located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami.

As work load and challenges increased during the years, so our team got bigger and offices became more and more populated and structured, with the addition, for instance, of the Audit department.


Today, D.B. America offers a wide range of services, from the import and export shipping experience to logistics and customs services that my team likes to call “concierge service”.

As the relationships with clients become stronger, so our partnership transforms into a symbiotic relationship. Our biggest pride is to witness a client becoming a partner, with mutual exchange of experiences and pro-active challenging for a never-ending quest of cutting edge solutions.
Our goal is supporting our clients to outperform in their field, and this consequently allows D.B. Group to improve its leadership in supply chain resolutions.

In a nutshell, D.B. Group America has embraced the maxim that “what’s best for you is best for your company”.

Truly, the United States is the land of opportunities, and our Group constantly drive people to use their talent and self-empowerment as vehicle to grow in an extremely competitive market.


November 2016