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Florina Burtea Mitrache

Florina Mitrache, Accounting Manager of D.B. Group Romania, started her career in the Group 14 years ago and still believes in the importance of the continuous support and constructive dialogue with her colleagues

Tell us something about yourself

As the Accounting Manager of D.B. Group Romania, I spend my working time with figures and statistics. My job taught me how to efficiently organize my time but above all how to get satisfactions from my activities.

Speaking analytics, I consider myself the sum of these attributes: optimistic, pragmatic, organized, cheerful and team player!    

Your role and your career’ path inside D.B. Group

My career in D.B. Group started 14 years ago, when in 2005 I have been welcomed in D.B. Romania as a Junior Accountant.

The company experienced a continuous and resolute growth in the last 10 years, through which I challenged myself with new projects and activities becoming more responsible and gaining knowledge.

Once in 2009 I was appointed Accounting Manager, a new path started for my professional career, growing together and at the same pace of the company itself.

Introduce D.B. Romania and how it evolved through the years

In 2018, D.B. Group Romania celebrated its 20th anniversary. From the first opening of the Romanian headquarters near Timisoara City, on the Industrial Platform Incontro, D.B. Group Romania is now composed by other 4 branches and warehouses.

In 1999, we widened our presence by establishing a branch office in Arad, one of the largest city in Western Romania. When, 6 years later, we realized that offering solutions of integrated services was the key of our success, we decided to assimilate a provider of customs solutions, Lombarda Spedizioni, to offer our clients a flexible approach composed not only by international freight forwarding and logistics but also by a full customs-assistance service.

Our growth continued with the opening of the Bucharest office, in the strong industrial center which is the capital of Romania.

During the last decade, D.B. Group Romania focused on the improvement of its logistics services, starting with the expansion of the warehouses in Timis country and opening 2 new logistics hubs in Targu Mures and Constanta. A widespread presence in the country enables us to provide a complete and customized service.

Which are your most satisfying achievements through the years in D.B.?

Since my first day, D.B. Group Romania saw a constant and challenging growth both in terms of clients and services and in terms of its emplyees. Starting with few colleagues, I now belong to a team of approximately 40 people.  I feel that my most satisfying achievements are feeling part of this team, being involved in projects and having experienced all the processes that helped D.B. Group Romania to become a Global Forwarding Partner.

I strongly believe that our Group is committed in sharing values to its employees, and at the same time it receives fundamental cooperation and contribution from all colleagues, allowing great results and a high-level service.

It is my belief that People are the most valuable resource in each organization, and for this reason I always try to do my best sharing loyalty and passion to my global team.

How do you feel being part of a Group with a wide global network?

Being part of a global network means sharing values and goals, by feeling strengthen thanks to the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

D.B. Group Romania is oriented towards a global approach, with international and integrated services. Supporting and respecting globally our clients and vendors is fundamental, reason why we are always looking for the best solutions and to guarantee high standards in all D.B. branches worldwide thanks to certifications and customized services.

To conclude, the evolution of my career is due not only by experiences and challenges, but above all by the continuous support and constructive dialogue with my colleagues, in Romania and all over the world in the 47 D.B. offices.

D.B. Group is a reliable and global partner thanks to the contribution of each single person, reason why I am so grateful and determined to do my best for the growth of the company.