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    Tired of dealing with many companies for your logistic needs?

You can finally focus on what you love the most... designing!



This is what you will get by choosing our DHD service

Unique Integrated Service

One stop solution to deal with all your tasks from shipping to installation.
This makes work easier and you can focus on designing.


Reliable and On-time Delivery

We make sure your furniture is handled carefully and reaches you on time.
You don't have to worry about it getting delayed or lost.


Best in Class Warehouse Storage

Have your furniture stored in weather controlled warehouses.
We make sure your furniture is in perfect condition without any damage.


Professional Installation

Get your client's premium furniture installed carefully.
Gain complete satisfaction from clients.


Meet Stefanos!

An interior designer based in Dubai. He was tired of having to deal with multiple companies for shipping, delivery, and installation. Usually, the furniture was delayed, damaged or even lost. He wished there was an integrated and professional service he could trust from shipping to installation.

Then one day, he discovered D.B. Group's brand new DHD service. They make sure his expensive furniture arrives on time; it's stored carefully and installed professionally! Now, he can finally focus on what he loves the most... Designing!


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