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Giuseppe De Peppo

Giuseppe De Peppo, South East Asia Area Manager of D.B. Group, describes us how collaboration and team effort made D.B. Group ASEAN what it is today.   

Passionate is the characteristic that better describes myself, as I always give all my energy at whatever task I decided to tackle, both in my job and in my private life. I don’t see myself having any other option other than following my passions.

Beside a deep interest in the supply chain, which has accompanied me during my career path, in my free time I enjoy riding motorbikes - better if in remote places - playing football and climbing.


Once I arrived in D.B. Group, I spent the first 6 months to fully understand the policies and the processes and meet the people, my travel companions. I then dedicated my time in opening our branch offices in Cambodia and Vietnam, my first achievements with the company.

In my previous professional experience, I already had the role of branch manager and therefore I could bring in D.B. Group all the competencies and skills I had gained before. Together with all the knowledge that was shared with me during the first months of training, I was then able to purse my goal and develop the branch offices in the ASEAN region.

“Our widespread presence enables us to ensure our clients a high-level and flexible service.”



Our ASEAN offices are now based in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. Although those countries are in the same geographical area and have some similarities, understanding each different regulation and need has been fundamental to set our systems, polices and processes accordingly. Being able to comply with both company standards and country requirements is crucial to me and was one of my goal since the beginning, to make sure we can ensure our clients a high-level and flexible service.

I realize that the greatest achievement so far is that we now have 6 offices that collaborate, laugh and even share gifts among each other. I tend to see those people located in several countries as a single family.

When dealing with different cultures, we need to be careful with the way we express our ideas and requests. A certain tone of voice or message could be differently interpreted according to the culture.

The main advantage of my job is that my learning process never stops, and I can enrich myself with new knowledge and share it among D.B. branches around the world every day.