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Italy: a world-icon of timeless quality and style

Italian products are much esteemed worldwide for their high quality, attention to details and sophisticated design. A real Italian product is the result of inimitable craft-work, culture and expertise, which rank Italian products among the best and most-desired in the world. And we give our support to share this knowledge.

Italy, a country with steadily-rising exports 

Italian products continue to be a global “must” for those seeking high-quality and inimitable style. From the outset D.B. Group has been supporting the development of Italy's creativity, manufacturing and industry as a “global brand” worldwide.  

D.B. Group Italy: an overview

D.B. Group Italy has its global headquarters in Montebelluna in the province of Treviso, in one of the main national industrial hubs where some of the most renowned Italian brands were born.

The other branch offices in Italy are in Milan, Prato and Trieste. With Montebelluna, they serve all the most developed industrial districts up and down the country. In Italy D.B. Group has more than 70,000 sq.m of warehouses.

D.B. Group is a multinational group, which is what sets us apart from our local competitors while, by keeping a personal touch, it also differentiates us from other global providers.

The main markets served by D.B. Group Italy are fashion (with some major brands in the clothing and eyewear markets), food & wine, product design and furniture.