D.B. Group: International Logistic Solution Provider



    Efficiency and know-how for the supply chain

Through our global network of people and skills, at D.B. Group we support our customers in analysing and planning production and information flows to provide highly personalized and integrated logistics solutions, matched with a fast and timely service.

With more than 540 employees in our offices around the world, a network of agents in over 60 key locations across the five continents, 100,000 sq.m of warehouse space and constant online interactions with international carriers in the road, air, rail and sea freight transport sectors, we are always with our customers, guaranteeing the best skills in the logistics business.


Inbound logistics

We provide these Inbound Logistics services:

•  Pick-up from suppliers and receiving incoming goods
•  Storage and consolidation of materials, palletization
•  Internal handling and orders assembly (picking, kitting, pick & pack etc.)
•  Differentiation of goods by client, code, type etc.
•  Vendor Management Inventory (VMI): a shipments-tracking system that includes customer interface management tools.


Outbound logistics

We provide these Outbound Logistics services:

•  Materials storage
•  Dedicated areas and flexibility in space usage
•  Pick-ups and processing on customer’s packing lists
•  Co-packing, labelling
•  Finished products distribution service
•  Vendor Management Inventory (VMI): a shipments-tracking system that includes customer interface management tools


Customs Warehouse

With our Customs Bonded Warehouse service, we leverage our international sales network to allow goods to be stored while suspending the payment of related customs duties until onward sending to final destination - a convenient solution for companies operating in international markets. D.B. Group works alongside businesses that operate in international markets, facilitating imports and exports with our personalized service, which is tuned to solving the organizational and bureaucratic complexities of the process.


Reverse logistics

Our attention to the dynamics of our business has led us to devise specific solutions aimed at dealing with all those critical issues related to Reverse Logistics. We provide Reverse Logistics solutions for all links in the supply chain. We take care of moving products from their natural final destinations back into the distribution chain to the original manufacturer, or to a new subject or location. The managing of returned and unsold commodities allows goods and raw materials to be returned to either their place of origin, or to third parties for reuse or sale through other trade channels.