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    Lucia Padoan

    Head of Overseas Pricing & Procurement

Lucia Padoan, Head of Overseas Pricing & Procurement, recounts her path of professional growth and shares her view on the deeper meaning of "working at D.B. Group".

I started working for the D.B. Group in 1995, in a small office of four colleagues. At that time D.B. Group was still relatively small and I carried out very diverse tasks: operational, commercial, customer service, inside sales, sea and air import-export, warehousing and front-office services, for customers who came to the airport to ship their personal belongings.

In 1997 I was able to contribute to the opening of what was the Group's first Asian subsidiary, D.B. Group Indonesia. It gave me great experience at both professional and personal levels when, at the age of 22, I was handed over the challenge of managing a team and setting up a new business activity in a far-away country. Returning to headquarters a year later, I was placed in the first import sales office, and in 2005 I took over the responsibility for the air import operations department. About a year later, I moved to the sea import operations department, tasked with reorganizing the business and creating synergies by facilitating the team's growth and identifying the resources to be trained for the role of operational supervisor. In 2012, after transferring to Head Office, I was assigned responsibility for buying and sea-and-air inside sales imports with the goal of reorganizing activities to enhance efficiency by providing my experience to develop new professional figures in the area of coordination.

I am currently in charge of the Overseas Pricing & Procurement team and am grateful and honoured to work over these years with people who have such great experience, and who are motivated above all by a strong passion. It has certainly been a challenging journey, but one which has also brought a great deal of satisfaction and many unforgettable moments.

In the 22 years since my first day with D.B. Group, the company has grown enormously, from a small local firm to become one of the leading logistics providers at national level, with a reputation that is gaining ground internationally: for example, we are among the top 5 shippers in the IATA statistics for air exports from Hong Kong to Italy. To accompany the growth process, many staff functions were created that previously did not exist, such as human resources and marketing. I think that what has not changed over time are our values: the desire to be easily approachable to customers and their needs in Italy and around the world, to study new shipping and logistics solutions that set us apart from the competition, and to focus on partnerships not only with customers but also with suppliers and between collaborators. 


 "Achieving results through teamwork and following the professional growth of the people I helped train" 


The aspects of my job that bring me the most satisfaction are achieving goals through teamwork and seeing the people I have helped train at the beginning of their career achieve great results of professional growth. I always put in my best commitment and enthusiasm towards developing strategies that achieve short, medium and long-term results: the greater the challenges, the bigger my commitment.

I have a strong sense of belonging to the company, and I fully share our founding values: respect, the desire to "work professionally", towards achieving quality results and feeling an active part of a great project.