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A land of opportunity which opens up to foreign investments

Located at the heart of the Indochinese peninsula, Thailand has always been considered as a strategic gateway to Asia and in the last years its economy has been developing at an impressive pace within the ASEAN countries. The BOI (Board of Investment) and the Thai Government are playing a key role in this context, encouraging and applying a range of activities aimed at boosting the country progress and attracting the interest of foreign firms towards the land of Siam.

Firms that want to settle down in Thailand can profit from a set of policies concerning tax-, non-tax and law incentives which contribute to make this land a geographical base favorable to foreign investors.

A further acknowledgment of the remarkable progress path that the kingdom is undergoing is the deployment of the Thailand 4.0 plan, consisting in a new economic model which intends to make Thailand a high-income country and allocating a budget to attract talents on a regional and global scale.

In addition, consistent investments are made to continuously upgrade both the domestic and international infrastructure network in order to increase co-operation with other fast-growing economies. According to this, the new high-speed railway connecting Thailand to China is a concrete example. Finally, the improvement of Special Economic Zones - border areas - and the e-Customs system introduction contribute in making Thailand one of the most attractive investment destinations for those companies that commit to international trade from and towards this land.

In this extremely favorable environment, D.B. Group offers both consultancy and support to its partners, providing valuable, flexible and tailored freight forwarding and supply chain management solutions. Our branch office is located in Bangkok, the cheerful capital and dynamic economic center of the country, as well as number two hub of the ASEAN area for air-export operations towards Europe and the US. Our team is able to design solutions around every specific need of our customers, helping them in enlarging their trade network and enhancing their business while relating to a unique logistic partner.

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