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An economic environment that is improving on all the key parameters.

GDP, domestic demand and investment by enterprises are growing - a positive economic climate for French business.



The French economy has many strengths: firstly, according to OECD standards, it enjoys an enviable standard of living, fuelled by a level of sustainable inequality that has allowed France to overcome the last crisis without too much turmoil. The most important aspect remains the solidity of its economy, which is well diversified among the various sectors: from agriculture to industry, up to the most technologically-advanced productions, such as pharmaceuticals and fashion.
The country also continues to enjoy significant revenues from tourism as with more than 84 million tourists per year, France is the world's most visited nation and the third largest in terms of revenue from the sector. France is also characterised by a large population and a skilled workforce, as well as by the quality of the infrastructure and the importance of exports.

D. B. Group supports its customers in this key trade market in Europe through partnership with GTL. Thanks to the Grenoble subsidiary, D.B. Group manages integrated logistics services with a direct presence in the country and is the ideal partner for exploring a market that qualifies as one of the pillars of the European economy.

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