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Air Freight: Solutions for International Shipments

27 January 2024

Although there are several alternatives to ocean freight, the choice depends on variables such as geographic location and the type of goods.

Air freight guarantees the fastest delivery times and the highest security standards.

Choosing the right mode mix - the rational distribution of goods through different means of transportation - helps mitigate the risks associated with uncertain scenarios.

Understanding the Scenario
The Red Sea region is facing a complex geopolitical situation (read what’s happening).
Numerous maritime companies have announced the suspension of ocean shipping operations through the Suez Canal in favor of alternative routes.

Ocean freight services are experiencing a period of instability, leading to an increase:
• in the cost of service
• in the transit times.

The impacts on global import-export operations are significant, as 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea. Specifically, the widespread delays in transit times are affecting the European ports facing the Mediterranean.
In this scenario, shippers should evaluate alternatives to ensure that SKUs are always available in warehouses and ready for sale.


The Alternatives to Ocean Freight

The available alternatives depend on various factors, including stock location and the type of goods.

In some cases, rail freight is a possibility, but when the railway infrastructure does not guarantee seamless transportation opportunities, or shipping goods by road implies long transit times, high costs, and security issues, the best alternative is air shipment.

D.B. Group can help you find the best option and manage bookings, pick-ups, transport, delivery, and customs formalities.

Air Freight Shipments with D.B. Group

The expertise and professionalism of our staff allow us to arrange air transport for your goods in a timely, quick, and secure manner. We collaborate with you to find the best solution for your international air shipments: we analyze times and costs, plan and organize all stages of the transportation process, and ensure worldwide delivery coverage for goods of all types, weights, and sizes.

With us, you can customize the service and choose from various air freight solutions for both import and export, including:
• LCL, back-to-back, or direct shipments
• Handling of bulk cargo or palletized goods
• Oversized cargo
• Dedicated charters
• Cross-Trade: managing shipments between foreign countries without the need for goods to transit through Italy
• Door-to-door services


Reasons to Choose D.B. Group's Service:

Guaranteed spaces with major airlines on main traffic routes
Customs clearance for export and import goods
Security checks on goods with X-Ray equipment
Palletization center at our warehouses
VAT fiscal warehouses
Accurate and quick quotations 

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