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Black Friday - Behind the scenes

11 September 2019


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest days of the year for retailers, and subsequently logistics providers and warehouse workforces across the world, who are responsible for ensuring orders and deliveries run smoothly.

Even though the equation Black Friday = Black Profit is true, it is also true that these days of unbeatable promotions bring along some potential issues for retailers and logistics companies, due to the difficulties of handling an increased demand:
-    Having the right stock;
-    Service all deliveries;
-    Having enough team members.

What are the Logistics behind the scenes of such a peak period?
-    Increased level of planning: planning is essential to all logistics activities. Anyway, in this period the rate of planning goes levels further. Companies must organize to manage increased quantities of transportations for each customer, and must arrange backup plans to avoid any issue that could create a bottleneck and compromise the precision of all orders.
-    More team players: logistics companies need to expand their workforce to be able to promptly respond to increased demand. However, new employees must be trained to deal with this. Furthermore, work shifts must be arranged effectively.
-    Unexpected events: no matter how much planning and organization are provided in the period, each logistic company will have to deal with unpredictable elements that will require a quick and reactive response to be taken in the blink of an eye.

Our skilled teams are already working and training to foresee critical variables and study solutions.
To know more about the opportunities we can offer to satisfy your customers on black Friday, please contact us here!

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Black Friday - Behind the scenes

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