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30 July 2019

Technology development has added both new opportunities and challenges to an industry that is historically slow to move.  The fashion system has now to face on the one hand the peculiar issues linked to the sector, and on the other the requirements brought-in by massive deployment of e-commerce and a new kind of consumer with different consumption habits. Consequently, if you are part of the fashion sector, finding the right partner for your logistics operations can be a competitive advantage. We have developed our expertise in 40 years, shaping a set of tailor-made services aimed at satisfying the needs of all firms. These solutions allow us to handle all product categories pertaining to the different phases of fashion production chain.

Supply and delivery: raw materials, fashion components, semi-finished products, samples and sample collections.

In-store delivery: furniture and interiors, fittings, advertising and marketing materials

Distribution and door-to-door: Collections and replenishments

E-commerce: Order management, kit setting-up, customized packaging, quality check

After-sale service: returns management, quality check, reconditioning


The care that makes the difference

We know that buyers of high-end fashion items don’t buy just a thing, rather an experience. This is why we have studied a service through which we take every precaution necessary to make sure products won’t be altered and the perception of their value won’t change during the last step of the buying process.

E-commerce logistic services

To deal with the new consumers means adapting to new ways of purchasing goods. This is why logistics for e-commerce has gained so much importance in the last decade. Our global network of warehouse facilities has allowed us to grow side by side with the new market trends. We are now offering customized solutions for e-commerce logistics, that include a set of services such as orders management, labelling, customized wrapping operations, quality control, returns and reverse logistics among many others. The smoothness of the process is granted by the high digitization process undertaken by our company, which allow us to set improved communication between offices and warehouses, cost reduction, improved efficiency and a control over delivery to be perfectly on time.

Alongside with the dedicated services, other factors to be considered are customs regulations and the opportunity of reducing fees associated with importing high-value products. To answer these requirements, we have developed a worldwide network of customs specialists, always at your disposal to study the best solution for exporting or importing your high-end goods. Furthermore, our warehouse facilities are located in Free Trade Zones near production districts.


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