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D.B. Group opens a new office in Hanoi

18 April 2018

D.B. Group can’t stop its growth!
A new opening in Hanoi widens the D.B. Group network.
Hanoi is the dynamic and modern capital of Vietnam. It is located in the northern part of the country and counts a population of more than 7 Mln inhabitants. Vietnam’s market economy is constantly developing since 1990. From 1995 it is member of the ASEAN Countries and has additional free trade agreements with China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand. Historically known as a land of production for international players, in the last years it has established as an international hub for electronic and broadcasting equipment manufacturing. Today, the EU is absorbing the 25% of Vietnam’s exports, while the other countries belonging to the Trans-Pacific Partnership get the 39%. The foreign investments in the country have risen by 17.5% from 2015. Moreover, the young population and its higher spending capacity are boosting imports of goods from the Western economies.
As a consequence of the expansion trend, Vietnam’s government is engaging in the modernization and development of the infrastructures. Furthermore, it has established both export processing zones (industrial hubs committed to the production for exports) and high-tech zones (specialized in the R&D, education and trade of high-tech products) which offer particularly favourable fiscal policies to investors.
By enlarging our network to the northern part of the country we are able to provide better solutions to further improve our service for our existing and prospect customers.


T  +84 24 7109 4666
F  +84 24 3200 2609
E  dbgroup.han@dbgroup.net

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