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#DBStories - D.B. Group for GBR Rossetto SpA

05 March 2021

One year ago, COVID-19 changed the world as we knew it. In this period, companies put their capacity for change into action, by quickly adapting, organising, and structuring themselves not only to survive, but to create value. This is the case of GBR Rossetto SpA, a leading company in Italy in the integrated supply of solutions for the office and the workplace, which immediately worked to respond to the growing need to ensure the well-being and protection of human health by not only importing PPE, but also products of fundamental importance for hospitals and nursing homes through D.B. Group as its partner for its supply chain.

“Given the delicate moment in which we have obtained supplies from the Far-East market, we sought not just a supplier, but a partner who could assist us in the management of a supply chain that differed significantly from the normal supply chain. The D.B. Group turned out to be a company that particularly focuses on customer service."


When transporting PPE, every second counts

As everyone knows, the supply of these products has been (and still is) subject to the critical factor of time, which was influenced in 2020 by the lack of flights, hence a general shortage of cargo space.

“The lack of knowledge of the transport dynamics of imported goods (methods, prices, and required documentation) and the absolute uncertainty in their management due to the unprecedented nature of the situation were the most complex factors for us. We needed to import the products in a short period of time when the world was "locked down".

In addition, customs aspects connected to these commodities significantly increase the complexity of imports, adding to the difficulties that companies were already facing. A few examples?

  • It is not possible to stock PPE and other products intended to be used for the health emergency.
  • Thorough verification of the documents at the source is required.
  • An even more dutiful verification of the documents is necessary at the destination, which state that all of the goods in arrival are already assigned to a specific entity. If this requirement is not met, the products may be subject to seizure for public protection purposes, and marked as missing from national health units in a state of emergency.
  • Prompt collection of all self-declarations of assignment at the destination is required.


"At this juncture, the management capacity of the D.B. Group was essential in order to minimise waiting times."


An ad-hoc solution

Thanks to the joint work of the D.B. Group PPE task force, colleagues from the Shanghai office, and the Customs Consultancy department, we were able to support the client in managing traffic by organising 10 charter flights that brought the goods from China to Italy, where the products were even transported on passenger seats.

“The alternative solutions proposed by the D.B. Group were most certainly successful: first and foremost was the use of charter flights for the transport of urgently-needed goods. Having found these solutions allowed us to obtain products to help contain the spread of the pandemic much more quickly. Amongst our clients are many health facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) that at the time did not have masks, gloves, or gowns, which were essential products to manage needs due to the pandemic."

Working in a situation of uncertainty and managing changes at the source required coordination by the HQ in Italy and the Shanghai branch office, which involved an international team of 8 people.


A partnership with high added value

Thanks to the continuous communication of our international network and the personal touch that each DBGrouper puts into project management, we were able to respond quickly and effectively, creating value together with our client. 

“We believe that the D.B. Group is a top-notch company, an effective and lean organisation in making decisions. In today's world, these characteristics are essential for making winning choices and creating opportunities even in the period of crisis that we are experiencing".




** We would like to thank GBR Rossetto SpA for its participation in the creation of this Case Study**


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