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#DBStories - D.B. Group for Systema S.p.A.

12 November 2020


Ms. Rossi and Mr. Wang had their work done: the production of the huge and complex industrial machine was completed on the scheduled time. In China, Mr. Wang was sure about the quality of his team work, but he still could not sleep. “How can you move such a huge machine from China to Italy, in the middle of a pandemic that is disrupting the entire world’s supply chains, and deliver it to the final destination on the agreed day? That’s almost impossible, he thought. “I will at least end up paying the delay charges”. In Italy, Ms. Rossi was afraid “it’s a complex shipment and it is quite impossible to find space in a vessel; if I do not match the agreed deadline I will lose my customer”.

The story of Ms. Rossi and Mr. Wang is something that resonates with all of us, as we all have experienced the disruption and the uncertainty that the international commerce is currently facing due to the pandemic effects worldwide.

That’s why today, want to tell you that even in the toughest times success happens when forward-thinking partnerships are established: this is the case of the D.B. Group for Systema S.P.A shipment.

Do you want to know more?

By the beginning of the year Systema, one of the leading companies in the industrial machinery sector chose D.B. Group to design the supply chain of a complex industrial machinery from Chengdu (China) to the port of Naples (Italy). The operations had to take place in the month of March 2020.

The main challenges to deal with have been the following:

  • Need to coordinate the transport of 1 40’ Container, 1 Open Top Container, 1 piece on Break Bulk basis;
  • Need to match the road and ocean transport activities in China to ensure the immediate loading of all the cargoes on the same vessel;
  • Need to coordinate and ensure the loading of the machine on board the vessel to be done without any damage;
  •  Need to grant the delivery on the agreed deadline – May 2020 – during the pandemic crisis.


How did D.B. Group deal with the pandemic effects?

Thanks to the digital infrastructure, D.B. Group teams have been able to quickly switch to remote working, ensuring the continuity of their work and keeping on assisting all customers with their needs
D.B. Group branch offices of Shanghai and Chengdu have managed all the local activities from the pick-up to the loading on board of the vessel. Our worldwide network allows us to have uninterrupted communication about project updates with our colleagues, with whom we also share the same corporate values.
We ensured the arrival within the agreed date thanks to the prior feasibility study done by our headquarters sales and operations departments together with our Shanghai Branch Office.

Partnerships made to create shared value always end up enriching both parts in experience and success.

We are happy to have helped one of our customers to maintain their supply chain healthy and well-working, matching all the required deadlines and objectives.

How about Ms. Rossi and Mr. Wang?

Ms. Rossi and Mr. Wang had their work done: the production of the huge and complex industrial machine was completed and delivered on the scheduled time. They were sure about the quality of their work, and finally could spend some precious time with their families, knowing their partnerships with customers and suppliers were safe and sound.


D.B. Group for systema

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