East and West are now even closer: follow us on WeChat.

26 November 2018

We are proud to announce the lauch of the D.B. Group WeChat Official profile as a first step to support our Chinese team.
In 2004 we opened the first office in Hong Kong giving birth to D.B. Group China.  At first, our business was focused on helping our western customers in approaching the Far East market, which was in many cases their first supplier.  However, having the opportunity to build strong relationships with our Chinese partners, we quickly inferred the potential of China and its people and their future role in the global economic scenario.

For this reason, during the following years we decided to build a capillary network of offices in the country that could help both European and Chinese customers to easily connect and to reach new lands of opportunities.  
D.B. Group has set up its branch offices in Hong Kong SAR, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing and Chengdu which are the main gates of access to the most valuable economic areas, covering respectively northern, central, southern and south-western territories.

East and West are now even closer: follow us on our official profile!
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