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EU - additional ad valorem duties on some articles with origin USA

17 November 2020

We inform you that by implementing the Regulation EU 1646/2020, the European Commission has adopted commercial policy measures concerning imports of certain products from the USA.
Specifically, effective by the 10th of November 2020, additional ad valorem duties are applied on a wide range of products imported to the European Union and with origin in the United States.

These products are listed in Annex I and II of the above-mentioned Regulation which applies as follows:
⦁ 15% duty (Annex I products)
⦁ 25% duty (Annex II products)

However, article 3 specifies that:
1. If an import license has been issued within the 10th of November, this implies an exemption or a reduction of the above-mentioned duties, so the additional ad valorem duty shall not apply.
2. If the importer in Europe can provide proof that the products were exported from the US before the 10th of November 2020, then the additional ad valorem duties shall not apply.

To view the EU Regulation 1646/2020 please click HERE

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