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Farmers block major roads in Europe

27 February 2024

Here you can find all the latest news regarding the farmers' protests.


The European countryside is in turmoil. For weeks, thousands of farmers have been protesting in several nations, blocking roads and highways with their tractors. Tensions rose yesterday when many arrived in Brussels from different parts of Europe to protest just meters from the European Commission and Council.

As of today, there are also active blockades at the French-Spanish border, but we expect new roadblocks and disruptions to affect road transport throughout Europe.

Our teams are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated on developments.

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After weeks of demonstrations in some of the most important European countries, the farmers' protests have also reached Spain. Hundreds of farmers have organized roadblocks with their tractors in the main Spanish cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Burgos, Segovia, Murcia, Malaga, and Tarragona.

Currently, the border between Spain and France is also blocked by the Gendarmerie.

Our operational teams are available for further clarification. We will keep you updated.


We inform you that there are widespread protests taking place in France and Belgium against the new European regulations for the agricultural sector. These protests are blocking numerous roads and motorways, and we expect possible disruptions to road transport both nationally and internationally.

Our teams are monitoring the situation and are available to provide you with further information.


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