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A focus on our Chinese network

25 June 2019

Back in 2004 we opened the first office in Hong Kong giving birth to D.B. Group China.  At first, our business was focused on helping our western customers in approaching the Far East market, which was in many cases their first supplier.  However, having the opportunity to build strong relationships with our Chinese partners, we quickly infer the extreme potential of China and its people and their future role in the global economic scenario. For this reason, during the following years we decided to build a capillary network of offices in the country that could help both European and Chinese customers to easily connect and to reach new lands of opportunities.

D.B. Group China has set up its branch offices in Hong Kong SAR, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing and Chengdu which are the main gates of access to the most valuable economic areas, covering respectively northern, central, southern and south-western territories.

Each of D.B. Group China branches has its own features that respond to a strategic objective:

Hong Kong SAR represents our first footprint in China. This is where everything was born and is a free-trade port that offers pick-ups from mainland China, import-export shipments by sea - both FCL and LCL - and air, and integrated logistics solutions with free-trade zone warehouses.

Shanghai is our main branch in mainland China. It is conveniently located to serve the central industrial district and offers every service: consolidated shipments both in outbound and inbound by air and sea. Moreover, it is possible to exploit consolidated train shipments solutions in outbound and full container train solutions for the inbound. The logistics solutions that we can offer in Shanghai are comprehensive of free-trade zone warehouses, consignment stock and standard warehouse. Furthermore, in Shanghai our team is specialized in customs consultancy, exhibition and fair services and last-mile services such white gloves and Home Delivery.

Qingdao is conveniently located to serve the Northern industrial districts of the country, including Xingang, Dalian and Beijing, our professional team is working on import, export, consolidation, logistics, supply chain management, sea, air & train, inland truck, multimodal transportation, warehousing, customs, freight forwarding.

Beijing is a strategic point to deliver a better service to all our customers in the northern area. Our team of sales executive will be happy to meet you and to explore with you all the solutions we can offer. We are particularly focused on furniture linked to inbound logistics.

Guangzhou: located in the main southern port of the country, the branch has the role of being our “control tower” for sea freight export business especially for the South. Here we can offer different logistics solutions to the firms operating in the close production districts such as consignment stock and FTZ warehouses. 

Chengdu, located in the inland, is a central logistic intersection, connected to Europe thanks to its powerful infrastructure network, among which an 8,000km long railway.


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