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Here are the top 6 advantages of outsourcing logistics

01 August 2019


Ever considered to outsource your logistics?
Outsourcing means getting advantage of the expertise and structure of an external provider. At D.B. Group we perceive our role of a 3PL provider as being the one reference point for our customers in terms of:
-    Supply chain management
-    Cost reduction
-    Ad-hoc study of their needs and relative customized solutions (warehouse flows design)
-    Management of customers’ inbound and outbound flows.

Data state that, nowadays 75% of firms are currently outsourcing their logistic activities to a 3PL operator. Here below you can find the main advantages of outsourcing logistics and how D.B. Group can help you achieving better results in a more efficient way.

1.    Reduction of indirect costs:
By outsourcing your logistics to a partner you will be able to transform some direct costs linked to the logistic activity into variable costs. With our logistics solutions the customer who outsources its logistics won’t have to invest in spaces and warehouses, systems and technologies, employees and safety measures.

2.    Improved flexibility.
Both in case of growth of your volumes and in case of inflection, you will get high flexibility given by the fact that we can arrange both spaces and personnel on the basis of your actual needs.

3.    Expertise and know-how.
To have a 3PL partner means following the evolution of the firm. We will make our expertise and know how available to you. At the same time you will have no need to look for some professional lowering the cost of search, education and hiring.

4.    Performance improvement.
A partner is an expert of the specific subject, that by exploiting expertise and technology can grant excellent performances. This result is given on the one hand by the know-how developed and on the other hand by technologies that are regularly deployed. Furthermore, as an international partner, we can suggest customized solutions for different geographic areas.

5.    Customs assistance.
Our global network allows our customers to develop their business in new markets. Our clients can use both our customs consultancy expertise, to proceed with a specific analysis of the requirements to export their products, and our international network of facilities in destination countries, to exploit the many advantages arising from bonded warehouses and warehouses located in Free Trade Zones.

6.    You can concentrate on your core business.
By outsourcing logistics operations management you will be able to fully concentrate on your core business, focusing you efforts in developing your ideas. We will take care of your goods with our expertise.

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