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How we efficiently manage your logistics

13 December 2019


When it comes to logistics services, it could not be just a question of stock and warehousing anymore. As a matter of fact, with the evolution of markets, and new trends that have reached never-seen-before levels of success, businesses ask their logistics partners to provide more comprehensive services – with different options that could be part of the deal.

Here at D.B. Group we understand that, and we have been designing and providing logistics operations that can support you in efficiently manage your entire supply chain – something that can represent a real advantage for your company as a whole.

Customized solutions
Our logistics teams help our partners with a wide set of optional services developed to support them with all their necessities: with our flexibility, we can address our customers’ challenges and transform them in great business opportunities. Indeed, we exploit our 40-year-long experience to create solutions that can ensure high-quality outputs.

The list of these extra value services includes:
-    Re-labelling
-    Packaging customization
-    Wrapping customization
-    Pick and pack operations
-    Quality control
-    Light refurbishment of products
-    Commodity-focused operations

Thus, we can support you in even the most delicate phases of your supply chain. We grant services for your inbound and outbound logistics putting maximum care and attention on your products. Furthermore, we provide solutions dedicated to specific commodities – such as fashion and furniture – and we can help you manage your returns, with our reverse logistics operations.

Furthermore, when needed, we assist our partners by modelling ad hoc solutions for their specific cases – everywhere is necessary, reaching every possible corner around the world.

Our logistics network
Our warehouse network is structured so that we can reach all the most important production areas around the world. Our facilities are currently located in Europe, in the US – in both the West and East Coast – in China, Taiwan and in the ASEAN region. Our special solutions are evenly spread across these structures – and we are continuously implementing new services.  

If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact our teams!

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