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How to organize an international shipment

01 October 2019



Shipping internationally can be a challenging task: each country has its peculiar rules for importing and exporting goods, and choosing the most suitable transportation solution and picking the right freight forwarder can represent a real advantage in terms of cost and quality of the service. Indeed, not only you should go for a timely solution, but it should also be a cost-effective one.

To be sure this process will be successful, there are some pivotal points you should keep in mind.


First of all, you have to consider how foreign countries rule the import of your goods and which are the specific requirements. It is essential to know if your items are taxable in the destination country and at what value or quantity, which are the customs regulations that can impact your product and what is the country’s minimum threshold value for duties.

Thanks to our Customs Consultancy Team and our network of branch offices worldwide, we can support you with this crucial step of your supply chain. We will provide you precise pieces of information in quick fashion. In addition, our staff is prepared to help you with your customs clearance process.

Means of transportation
When you are determining the best transportation solution, you have to respect your priorities. As a matter of fact, you should choose the one allowing you to match the following objectives:

- Minimization of cost of transport (in terms of distances and fuel consumption);
- Minimization of number of vehicles used;
- Maximization of service quality;
- Contraction of delivery time.

Here at D.B. Group we understand that and put maximum effort in analyzing all the variables playing a key role to meet the desired objectives, such as: type of product and loading unit, destination country, reliability of transport, availability of service, price, transit time, number of handlings, occurrence of damages and flexibility.

Match your needs
Make sure to choose the terms of delivery that better match your needs.

Terms of delivery (also called Incoterms®, International Commercial Terms) clearly communicate the tasks, costs, risks and responsibilities associated with the global or international transportation and delivery of goods. These conditions in a sales or transportation contract specify things such as the carrier, routing, freight charges, place of delivery, and time of delivery.

Our team of experts will evaluate and advice the best terms of delivery for you.


The objective of wrapping is to protect the goods along the transportation process. In order to be effective, it must match the following characteristics:

-    unalterable
-    easily movable
-    it should facilitate customs inspections
-    it should minimize risks for people.

It is very important to verify that the wrapping fits the goods and destination country requirements. Our skilled teams can suggest you the correct wrapping based on chemical composition, monetary value of the good, evaluating also characteristics of the journey such as distance, duration, means of transportation, possible weather conditions and number of handlings.

If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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