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Import shipping bills

13 February 2018

Dear Customer,

please take into consideration the following important news about the import shipping bill which will apply from February 13th 2018.

The Customs Agency has introduced the new regulation - Nota Prot. 7949/RU - with the purpose of further developing the automatized analysis of risk and consequently decreasing the incidence of controls.

From February 13th onwards, it will be mandatory to state the following information on the import declarations:

1. The surveillance document identification code released by MISE, for all steel products and the related imported quantity;

2. Union origin of goods re-imported with EU acronym, instead of the ISO code of every single Member State;

3. The goods quantity relative to the clean bill of health and/or veterinary certificate;

As custom declarants, we will not need any further information because they can be found within the commercial documents usually attached to the shipment.

Please, take into consideration that on February 09, 2018 the Customs Agency declared that it is considering to apply an additional rule, which would require the mandatory statement of the foreign sender/exporter data. By today, this is an elective requirement.

If the above requirement was made mandatory, we will be forced to issue one import declaration per sender, otherwise the importation will be directed to documentary check.

We shall inform you as soon as we get further communication from the Customs Agency.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address

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