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Logistics for the furniture market

19 August 2019


Furniture industry has quickly evolved during the last years, adjusting to the shifting demand and expectations of consumers. A straightforward example of this change lays in the purchasing behavior of consumers. The majority of todays’ purchasers no longer buy an entire room, they buy single pieces online instead. This case highlights also a critical factor to which both online and offline retailers must pay attention: customer experience.

Research show that customer experience is one of the picking variables influencing the choice of the final customer. So, the basics of furniture logistics have not changed but need to adapt to new expectancies.

Basic principles of furniture logistics are:

•    Furniture should not be treated and wrapped like other goods. As other products can damage it, it should be shipped with other furniture.

•    Furniture requires specialized, manual handling. By using mechanical equipment there is a higher probability of damage.

•    Furniture has a characteristic that can’t be underestimated: the more the “touches”, the more the damages. This is why it is necessary to know how to stow pieces when approaching a transport.

At D.B. Group we have been committed to furniture logistics for 40 years, serving both high-profile manufacturers, mid-size producers, and stores. We have an extended network with offices and warehouse facilities located in production areas of high-, medium- and low-end products of Italy, USA, China and ASEAN. In all these countries, our specialized teams can successfully drive operations (pick-up, loading and unloading) thanks to a long-term expertise in the handling of furniture and design pieces.

We offer full range services from the transportation to Direct Home Delivery service that can be customized to meet our clients’ needs. We can organize groupage services from production plants to our hubs on weekly basis.

At D.B. Group we not just service providers; we are your global forwarding partner. Accordingly, the meaning of our work is to support you through the whole supply chain, studying the solutions that best fit your needs. As a matter of fact, together with our international freight forwarding activity, we are also customs consultants with a wide expertise in furniture market. Moreover, we can offer solutions in Free Trade Zones of United States, China and Italy, we can help you dealing with fiscal representation opening process in Italy, USA, China and ASEAN countries and with all import and export procedures related to furniture sector.

Our teams are at your complete disposal to discover more about our furniture and design dedicated services.

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