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Solutions for quality control

25 September 2019



The last decade represented a crucial change in the buying habits of final customers. As a matter of fact, e-commerce has now become part of the norm. This new trend brought drastic evolutions and potential issues for retailers worldwide. True, online purchases mean 24/7 income, but they can also imply 24/7 returns. Indeed, customers do not try and do not experience the product before they buy it, and the lack of personal touch and hands-on control by retailers – like in traditional means of purchase – can be translated in a higher percentage of returns.

As a matter of fact, clients’ expectations remain high – but a good customer service it is obviously more difficult to manage in this new scenario. That is why, now, logistic providers have an essential role: the level and range of their activities can represent a real competitive advantage for retailers. Here at D.B. Group we understand how it is important for our partners to give their customers the best experience possible. That is why, thanks to the expertise we have developed in our 40-year-long history, we have designed a set of solutions studied for the e-commerce world.

For us, one of the pivotal elements of our e-commerce services is the quality control on the goods you want to deliver. Indeed, we designed solutions to support you and assure that all your products arrive at a high-level to the final consumer. In addition, we help you by monitoring the quality of your goods in case they are returned.


Check before you sell
Our skilled teams are trained to support you with the quality control on your products. Our quality check services include a thorough analysis, in order to prevent the shipment or the return of damaged products. Our workforce is structured so that they can process a high number of orders before they are shipped and sold.

To provide the best service possible to our partners, we have equipped our global network of facilities with dedicated areas for quality control. In addition, we provide our premises the most-advanced instruments to run quality check routines precisely and smoothly.


Bespoke solutions
Here at D.B. Group we understand the particular needs of each one of our partners. For this reason, we offer dedicated solutions to specific sectors.  For example, for our clients working in the fashion industry, we provide light mending and ironing operations as part of our quality check process.

An example is the service we provide for one of our clients in the footwear sector: we have set up a dedicated quality control area in the premises, where the product is authenticated, checked for wear and tear and then uploaded to their online platform for sale.


Reverse logistics
One of the main issues for firms working in the e-commerce world is to manage returns. As provider for integrated logistics services, we fully support our partners in all steps of their supply chain. That is why we can also help with their e-commerce returns, providing quality control of these goods. Furthermore, we offer light refurbishment solutions, when needed.

If you need any further information about our solutions designed for the e-commerce, please contact us!

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