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Special Project Cargo: Ocean Shipping from US to India

22 May 2024

An Indian company needed a trustworthy partner for a special cargo project. It involved a large shipment from the United States to India. Discover how D.B. Group helped this firm overcome the challenges of global freight.


Customer's need: ocean import service from the US to India

  • A well-established Indian infrastructure and construction company hired D.B. Group to transport a main bearing from Ohio (USA) to Nhava Sheva Port (India). The product weight was approximately 55,000 lb.
  • The company was looking for a freight forwarder with an extensive expertise in special transportation projects. Understanding the role of logistics in meeting the specific deadlines and the agreed price was key, together with the necessity of planning ahead and providing contingency plans to guarantee the optimum result.



 D.B. Group’s solution: break bulk ocean shipment and worldwide

Unconventional and challenging projects are our playground.

When tasked with transporting a main bearing from Ohio to India, we didn't just deliver a product. We leveraged our expertise in international freight forwarding and our global network to succeed.

Throughout each phase of the project, we focused on:

  • Planning ahead for unexpected events
  • guaranteeing seamless communication between departments and countries
  • conveying constant updates to the customer
  • sharing information and the best know-how


The first step was finding the right carrier. What started as a Flat Rack quickly became a break bulk project. We carefully negotiated with carriers to secure the customer with the most reliable and efficient ocean freight solution.

The second step required us to overcome challenges. The pick-up phase involved thorough research to manage the scarcity of service and the multiple requirements necessary to move an out-of-gauge cargo across multiple states (including Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey). How did we do it? It was accomplished, thanks to long-lasting business partnerships and the in-depth supplier selection process that we put in place all over the world.

The third step included dealing with unpredictable elements such as the weather. The unexpected climate conditions hitting the Northeast USA required precise planning and real-time adjustments to go through each storm.

What made the difference was our communication. Every day we maintained a unique bond between our branch offices, our operational partners, and our client, across different time zones. This ensured control over every step of the project.


How we did it: international network, solid partnerships with suppliers, expertise in special project logistics

  • Collaboration between 3 international teams: Miami (USA), Mumbai (India), Montebelluna (Italy)
  • D.B. Group America export team in studying a compelling pick-up and transportation service for heavy cargo
  • D.B. Group Italy in providing extensive know-how about project management for OOG cargo
  • D.B. Group India in maintaining consistent communication with the customer
  • Solid agreements with major steam-shipping and transportation companies in the US for a top-quality and cost-effective shipping option. Discover our Ocean Shipping service here.
  • Contact with Authorities for the issuing of special transport permissions to secure a smooth shipping process
  • Expertise in handling unusual size goods
  • Contingency plans to avoid disruption of logistic operations and supply chain resilience


Do you need help with your out-of-gauge shipments? Our international teams are ready to assist you in each phase of project logistics.

Discover more about our network here.


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