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*Update* Ocean Freight

12 November 2020

As far as ocean freight is concerned, we inform you that maritime companies are moving a great number of 40box/40hc containers on the Asia-USA lane, which at present time seems to be more profitable. Consequently, we are recording a scarcity of empty containers on the Europe-USA lane, implying the following situations:

  • All vessels are facing space problems;
  • Delays in loading activities at the port terminal;
  • Companies do not guarantee the loading of the goods on agreed dates;
  • Additional costs are arising from unexpected needs for stocking the goods while waiting for loading.

To provide our customers with the best solution based on their needs, we kindly ask you to evaluate all the alternatives.

In case you request to load the goods on a precise date, we are offering you the following possibilities:

  • Load on the agreed date: if the port allows it, we can stay at the terminal waiting for the loading activities to start, assuring the space inside the vessel. This solution implies additional storage costs at the terminal. If the port does not allow this solution (i.e. the Port of Genoa), we will find a different place to stock the container until the vessel opens acceptance. This would mean additional costs due to the extra trip, crane handling for the loading and unloading of the container.
  • Postpone the loading date to the 1st available day in order not to incur extra charges

We kindly ask you to notice that if senders need to postpone the pickup already booked, companies cannot guarantee the space, equipment, and truck availability.

Furthermore, please be informed that the situation on the Asia- Europe lane is still really challenging due to:

  • Low space capacity;
  • Blank Sailings;
  • Changes of routings;
  • Congestion at cargo handling ports;
  • Scarcity of equipment.

Consequently, the cost of freights is rising.

Our teams are dealing with companies to grant the priority of our customers’ shipments. However, we are facing difficulties due to the above-described situation.

 We kindly ask you to make your bookings as soon as possible concerning the required date of the service, so that D.B. Group will be able to provide you with all the available solutions.

The D.B. Group staff is at your complete disposal for every information. We shall keep you informed about further developments.

D.B. Group

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