Update on rail freight - August 2021 | DB Group

Update on rail freight - August 2021

23 August 2021


We inform you that rail freight is facing delays due to unexpected causes such as:

  • Strong congestion and overbooking keep hitting ocean freight, with consequent increases in transit times and rates. This situation is causing a high volume of shipments to be diverted to rail freight.
  • Rail routes are consequently highly congested and European terminals are still not ready to manage such significant volumes.
  • Floods in the Zhengzhou terminal have produced a concentration of volumes to manage the undelivered containers.
  • Some rail routes have incurred maintenance activities, which have generated slowdowns.  Some operators have decided to postpone departures from Chinese hubs to stagger arrivals at European hubs.
  • Recently, containers are restrained on borders for inspections and to allow to train in transit to proceed without interruptions.
  • At the railway terminal on the border between Poland and Belarus, some cranes have been damaged compromising trains transit.
  • At the moment, Italian terminals are not congested, but they are preparing for the arrivals expected during the next weeks which will be significant and may cause difficulties both for arrivals and for the deliveries to final destinations.

The current transit time is between 28 and 40 days terminal/terminal.

Our staff is monitoring the situation and evaluating all the alternatives.

D.B. Group

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