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*Update* - USA trucking shortage

23 July 2018


Following our previous communications on this issue, we are providing some updates about the challenges that are affecting the USA transportation industry.

Starting from February 2018, there have been major changes in the US trucking industry, that are negatively affecting the freight forwarding sector, consequently generating upward pressure on prices and delivery times (you can read more about it here).
The main causes are:
-    Driver shortages;
-    The federal mandate of new “Electronic Log Devices” (ELDs);
-    Increasing operating costs;
-    Infrastructure and growing congestion in U.S. Ports and Marine Terminals.

Specifically, the qualified drivers and trucking shortage is impacting on domestic transports, causing delays in the delivery of containers and a consequent congestion of ports and rails terminals. Currently, the hardest situation is developing in Chicago, Savannah, Houston and the Mid-West area. However, it is rational to forecast a future escalation of this scenario hitting other major ports such as NY/NJ, Miami, and Long Beach CA.

Please, feel free to contact us to have more information and to find out our best solution for your needs.

Although the times are challenging, we grant you our best commitment to successfully overcome this situation working hard to expedite deliveries in time and minimize extra costs.

For every further inquiry and information, please feel free to contact our offices.

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