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Peak Season 2019 - Air Freight

09 September 2019


We inform you that in a few weeks air freight Peak Season will start.
We expect that this period will be characterized by a substantial increase in the global demand for air shipments, which will cause a general reduction of cargo capacity, an overall rise of rates and major possibilities of incurring in delays.
In addition, further difficulties could arise in the road freight sector.


Chinese Golden Week
Golden Week is a 7-day long national holiday in China, starting on October 1 with the celebration of China National Day. During this week (1-7 October) companies and factories will be closed.
Consequently, our branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Chengdu won’t be operational and will resume normal activity on October 8.
Please take note that during the period that precedes this holiday, demand for imports from China will intensify. This can further increase the possibility of inconveniences.


To reduce the risks of delays and missed pick-ups, we kindly ask our customers to book their shipments in advance, scheduling their activities as soon as possible.
For more information please contact our offices.
We shall advise you for every relevant update.

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Peak season 2019 - Air Freight

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