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    Pan Hua

    Branch Manager Shanghai

Pan Hua, Branch Manager at the Shanghai office, describes the growth of the D.B. Group in China from 2006 to the present, and tells us about his D.B. Group experience. 

I arrived in D. B. Group, and more specifically in the Shanghai office, in May 2012, with a staff of only 10. We started enhancing customer service, restructuring the team, and providing a full service for import-export shipping by sea and air. Then the offices in Guangzhou and Qingdao were opened in 2015, which allowed us to extend services to the north and south of China. In 2017 we opened the new Sales Representative Office in Beijing to establish a presence in the heart of the country - and its capital - and to further improve our support and communication with customers. Today we have a staff of more than 50 people working for D.B. Group China.

China was once considered the "Factory of the World" but it is no longer just this – as one of the world's largest consumer markets, we want to assist the country in this growth process that will certainly lead us to increasingly more opportunities for logistics and import-export of goods in the years to come.

From the day I joined the D.B. Group "family", I have aspired to become a "Professional Manager" in this particular market. Since then I have been studying and training to improve my management skills, while I have been given the chance to test and develop them in practice. My approach has always been to learn more so that I can achieve more.

"I want to contribute to consistently raising service standards to offer integrated logistics solutions to increasingly structured customers." 

My goal is to contribute to D.B. Group China in consistently raising service standards to be the logistics provider of increasingly structured customers, and in offering not only shipping services but fully-integrated logistics services. My daily commitment and passion focus on achieving these goals.