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"We are recognized as a high-quality logistics supplier for resolving complex logistics and shipping demands through precise and innovative planning."

The highest level of know-how and partnership is expressed through the D.B. Group's ad hoc solutions.
Logistics projects tailored to our clients' special needs. Beyond the concept of “standard”, expressing our full potential.


Our passion is for new and testing challenges. The reason why we are known as a high-level logistics provider is our ability to solve also the most complex logistics and forwarding needs through careful, cutting-edge planning.

Our clients often entrust us with particularly complex shipment activities, for example because the size of the goods to ship is out-scaled and the route from the warehouse to the point of departure (airport, port, railway station) must be planned with care. These are not “standard” or “traditional” shipments, with a normal container or air pallet. In many cases the cost of the shipment can be higher than the cost of the shipped goods. Leveraging our expertise in planning and managing this type of service, we have been involved in some large-scale infrastructural projects such as, for example, the construction of new international airports.

One of our features is the skill of taking care of the logistics management of precious goods such as items of art and antiquities. For example, with D.B. Group, the objects, furniture and personal belongings of the last Emperor of China crossed the national boundaries for the first time to take part in an exhibition in Italy. The shipment involved great complexities in terms of safety measures and document formalities.

Over recent years we have managed start-ups for customers wanting to experiment with an outsourced logistics service also in delocalized areas.

Even a relatively simple need can require a lot of expertise, so our approach to integrated logistics is always tailor-made. By analysing the needs and global planning, we plan a solution for you that will exceed your expectations.



Thanks also to D. B. Group, for the first time it was possible to admire the furniture and personal belongings of the Last Emperor of China. Watch this video to see the D.B. Group solution that allowed these precious goods to cross the borders of Chinese and make it possible to set up the exhibition in Treviso, Italy.