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    Special solutions and attention to detail: serving the fashion and lifestyle markets

Just-in-time forwarding, utmost care over details and cost reduction: the challenges of the fashion industry.

Fashion logistics at D.B. Group: develop your supply chain with a partner that has served the fashion sector for over 3 decades.

The success of Italian fashion and lifestyle was born in the production area where D.B. Group grew up, north-eastern Italy, where the major Italian footwear brands have their headquarters. From that pioneering era, dating back over thirty years and still going strong today, the D.B. Group has constantly developed tailor-made solutions to simplify the complex needs of the fashion and lifestyle markets.

•  planning and management of your entire Supply Chain worldwide;
•  door-to-door delivery services;
•  a well-developed network of branch offices and warehouses in all the key fashion-manufacturing countries such as Romania and the Far East;
•  in-depth knowledge of fashion market, developed over thirty years working with all the major eyewear, clothing and sportswear brands;
•  guaranteed allocated allotments for the most important carriers along all major air and sea traffic routes;
•  customs clearance for goods, both for import and export, local clearance procedures and bonded stocking services at our own warehouses;
•  rail service with weekly departures connecting Europe and Asia in both directions;
•  road transport services with daily departures.

Special solutions


Consignment stock is often used to make it more convenient for the customer to have their supplies and raw materials close to where they manufacture their products. By having consignment stock on hand in a nearby warehouse, customers can continue to keep their manufacturing and trading flows without stoppages. Customers thus avoid being billed up-front for the entire stock and are charged only for the goods when they are removed from the warehouse, and for the actual quantity removed.


Pick-and-Pack services consist in taking ordered goods out of stock and packing them so they can be shipped to the end customer: shipments containing a multitude of products are disassembled and relevant products are picked for each destination and then repackaged with shipping label affixed. It is essential to select a logistics provider with proven experience in offering dependable order fulfilment services. The D.B. Group executes high-volume pick-&-pack operations with experienced and solid operating personnel, processes, and packaging equipment.


When taken to the depot, goods stored at customs bonded warehouse can stand in duties and VAT suspension. The payment of taxes (duties and VAT) for nationalization and sale is postponed until goods are released out of bonded warehouse, even partially. 


For goods imported into Italy, companies can choose to benefit from D.B. Group’s Fiscal Warehouse Service and postpone paying VAT to the moment of sale.

Development of outsourced logistics platforms

We have all the necessary expertise and organization to develop outsourced logistics platforms worldwide. Simply ask if you require more information on the solutions we can develop in this specific field.