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    Customs consultancy

"We work every day together, supporting our clients in their international growth. We know the importance of having someone you can trust to provide a full customs assistance services. Which is why we have worked hard on this one, taking pride in making it one of our strengths."

One of the D.B. Group’s strong points is our customs consulting service, which integrates with our shipping and logistics services to make our offer truly complete. Our professional and multidisciplinary staff works with you in addressing complex national and international trade laws and regulations.

This full integration means we can provide concrete assistance in all areas to do with goods import/exports. With this ‘partnership’ feeling, we add a value that has always characterized how we work with our clients. Some examples:

•  Consulting services to accurately evaluate duties and charges
•  Ad hoc training courses
•  Clear explanation of customs procedures and how to obtain the necessary authorizations
•  Door-to-door service via our own private warehouses, which cuts the customs clearance waiting times
•  Importing with customs warehousing or fiscal (VAT) warehousing
•  Operations for the outward and inward processing of goods


Our customs assistance service

D.B. Group works alongside businesses operate in international markets, facilitating imports and exports through our personalized services, tuned to meet the organizational and bureaucratic complexities of the processes of import/export. 

1. CONSULTING: we listen to you, analyse your markets, products and current and future requirements. Then we build ad hoc solutions to help you grow your business.

2. INTERFACE WITH AUTHORITIES: we work with you in the dialogue with the authorities, facilitating exchanges and obtaining the necessary information.

3. OPERATIVE EFFICIENTY: we assist you by assessing which certifications and documents you need to export/import your goods to/from the countries of origin or destination.

We can plan duties efficiently and comprehensively through our CUSTOMS DUTY PLANNING, a package of tailor-made solutions based on a careful overall assessment of every supply chain and requirement. Thus we optimize the phases of production processes at all levels and on all reference markets.

Service benefits


We plan and provide personalized training courses, including at our headquarters, if required. We also organize conferences on customs issues, given by specialists in the field.


How and where are the goods handed over and what are the risks involved? How are transport costs and other logistics costs allocated? We help our customers choose the best results to match their needs. 



Consultation and assistance in obtaining certifications, customs’ product classifications, goods origins and related documents, and on any bilateral agreements. Current EU regulations: monitoring and notification of legislation changes and updates, according to areas of interest.


We help you establish customs values and calculate charges, duties, bringing valuable experience to advising on current legislation governing goods exchange through customs.


Consignment stock tool: excellence in stocks management among the international sales networks.