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Thanks to a globally spread system of people and skills, at D.B. Group, we support our customers providing specific logistics consultancy to process and apply the best strategies to respond to 4.0 industry needs.

The 4.0 industry model is based on research on the connection between the physical and digital world. All companies, regardless of their business field or dimension, are getting closer to this model. In this scenario, we are assisting in the repositioning of competitive agents. Analyzing the new purchasing habits, the new role that logistics has inside every supply chain becomes straightforward, becoming the heart of business strategy.



Logistic Outsourcing

Nowadays, 75% of companies trust a 3PL or 4PL provider. The advantages of logistics operations outsourcing are multiple:

  • Reduction of indirect costs: thanks to the outsourcing of logistic activities to third parties, some direct costs are transformed into variable costs (rent or lease of spaces, technology adoption costs, etc)
  • Increased flexibility: both in the case of growing and decreasing volumes
  • Expertise and know-how: by partnering with an external supplier for logistic services, you make sure to be up-to-date with the evolution of logistics. The whole know-how and expertise developed thanks to experiences linked to different product markets are at the complete disposal of customers.
  • Better results: a third-party supplier is an expert; thanks to their skills and the technology they have, they can guarantee the best results.
  • Customs assistance and network: to develop your business in new markets, it is necessary to perform specific analyses about the requirements of export and import countries and to benefit from a local team for support.
  • You can focus on your core business.


Inbound Logistics

We can assist you with the following Inbound Logistics activities:

  • Pick-up at suppliers
  • Inbound goods receiving
  • Inventory stocking
  • Consolidation and palletization
  • Handling of goods inside the facilities and order fulfillment
  • Breakdown of inventory based on client, code, type of goods, etc
  • Vendor Management Inventory (VMI): a data-based system for the management of goods traceability and interface with customers technology
  • Administration


Outbound Logistics

We can provide the following services dedicated to Outbound Logistics:

  • Inventory stocking
  • Dedicated areas and flexibility of spaces
  • Picking
  • Packing (customized services, co-packing, labeling, etc.)
  • Distribution
  • Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): a data-based system for the management and traceability of goods
  • Management and exchange of EDI data: orders, documents, etc
  • Online stock visibility


Reverse Logistics

At D.B. Group, we have studied specific solutions to address critical aspects of Reverse Logistics. We can offer a range of services dedicated to the logistics of returns, which include:

  • The correct management of returns: identification, segregation, handling, processing…
  • Quality control for the evaluation of the product’s conditions: after our checking process, goods can be reintroduced to the sales cycle, processed, or dismissed
  • Optimization of costs linked to the processes of reverse flow
  • Transparency of reverse and dismantling flows



Our network of warehouses and distribution centers spreads internationally and includes customs-bonded warehouses and VAT warehouses in Free Trade Zones located in the most productive areas of Italy, USA, China, and South-East Asia. Our warehouse solutions include:

  • Standard Warehouses: state-of-the-art facilities built precisely for logistics and warehousing needs.
  • Customs-bonded warehouses are facilities in which it is possible to stock goods for a limitless time frame, while duties and taxes are suspended until the products are cleared.
  • VAT Warehouses are facilities in which it is possible to import goods and introduce them under VAT deposit. In this case, VAT is due once the goods are sold.
  • CFS facilities in the U.S.: warehouses appointed to consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo.


We at D.B. Group assist companies operating in international markets with tailor-made services and aim at finding solid solutions to the organizational and administrative process complexities for the import and export procedures.