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    Fresh & Frozen Logistics

    Logistics for perishable products and the cold chain

D.B. Group Fresh & Frozen Logistics: there is much more to handling fresh products than simply keeping them fresh.

D. B. Group offers a new platform of temperature-controlled warehouses to support customers also in the cold chain.


The D.B. Group offers the whole supply chain management of grocery products worldwide through the following services and facilities:

•  Air Freight and Sea Freight temperature-controlled, both import and export;
•  FCL Overland temperature-controlled transport;
•  Fresh & Frozen Logistics in owned or rented warehouses;
•  Custom-designed solutions to meet all needs.

The “Fresh & Frozen Logistics” service is synonymous with ‘safety’. The attentive selection of the distribution network guarantees continuity of the cold chain. From origin to destination, the products are shipped at constant temperatures with high standards of quality and reliability. The products’ precious remain intact, with quality and flavour fully preserved. The monitoring of storage and forwarding conditions is performed with latest technology and facilities that guarantee the cold-chain continuity.




The temperature-controlled hub owned and managed by the D.B. Group in Milan.

In Milan, the D.B. Group owns a temperature-controlled warehouse that we have used as a success case-history to develop other Fresh & Frozen supply chains worldwide. The hub has some interesting features such as the software-controlled management of product position and inventory, through innovative technology. Inside the hub, a specialized team with a solid expertise creates tailored “Fresh & Frozen” solutions based on clients’ needs.


•  Surface: 400 sq.m
•  Surface saving and high-density storage
•  200 pallet stands
•  HACCP auto-control protocol
•  Position and inventory are managed remotely by innovative IT systems
•  “Push-back” shelving and palletizing