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    We invest in seeking, selecting and training new talent

“We believe in team potential as it allows us to create strong synergies through the pooling of everyone’s knowledge". 

Nurturing our talents

Seeking Talent

Finding talent is a matter of attracting it, which we do every day by showing our way of approaching logistics, where talent is bred among colleges, universities, professional training centres etc. Those who are naturally attracted our philosophy will succeed in cultivating their talents with us and in creating partnerships with our clients. 

The constant training of talent

Talent needs care. We provide more than 6,000 hours of training for our personnel every year. This is not only strictly professional and operative training but also courses to enhance relationships between teams and individuals: people won’t simply be updated on technical issues but will also learn how to better understand, communicate and nurture projects and ideas.

Global Talents Programme

The D.B. Group has launched a programme called “Global Talents” which as its main goal has professional exchange among our offices worldwide. When a branch office needs a specific expertise for a period, it can apply to our headquarters while, at the same time, people can apply to work in another office abroad. By matching supply and demand, we help our network and stimulate personal development.

People Spotlight

Our people know that the real meaning of what they do in the D.B. Group and of their commitment is to demonstrate flexibility and expertise to give an answer to the client's needs. Not knowing in advance which they will be. "We treat our customers' products and complexities as if they were our own": this is what those who work for D.B. Group learn first.


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All skills, all countries, all levels of seniority and responsibility. Both individuals and teams. Our annual “Values in Action” award is open to everyone everywhere. Its basic assumptions are clear and simple: with the award, we want to give recognition to those who have managed to get the most out of our vision, understanding and applying it to the best.

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