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UAE: an ever-growing consumer market

UAE is the largest consumer market of the Arab world, and with the boost of international tourism and the construction sector, it is a lucrative target market for many different kinds of goods and businesses. Discover this business destination with the support of our D.B. Group UAE branch office.

UAE, an “importing” country

Basically the UAE is an importing country - indeed UAE are largely dependant on imported materials and goods from Europe, Asia and USA. There are also exporters of some particular kinds of products, mainly dairy products, juices, cartons and machinery.

D.B. Group UAE: an overview

The D.B. Group office in the UAE is located in Dubai. It is very close to Cargo Village and Dubai International Airport and thus ideally located for coordinating all air shipments. The location is also quite central, so easily accessible by clients.

D.B. Group UAE offers these services:
- Import - Export and Cross trade by Sea, Air, Overland;
- Customs clearance;
- Warehousing.

D.B. Group UAE provides its clients with all kinds of shipping solutions in a cost-and-time effective manner. It also provides importer/exporter code renewal services.

Considering the trading profile of the country, D.B. Group UAE has a solid experience in the import of furniture and design products, medical equipment, automotive accessories and spare parts.