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    Road Freight

D.B. Group provides road freight forwarding services both locally and in the rest of the world in a timely manner; we also offer direct store deliveries.


• Door-to-door services: direct delivery of your goods to their destination (store, house, company, warehouses)
• Full Truck Load and Groupage deliveries
• Daily deliveries to all European destinations
• Express and national services

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Here follows our weekly departure schedue:

For any other commercial information, except for quotations, please feel free to contact us at the following-mail address: consultancy.road[a]


We would like to inform you that groupage truck services are not regular in August and late December; weekly departures during the above mentioned periods could be subject to changes in terms of frequency and routing, as some distribution lines may not be active.


From the 16th to the 30th June 2024, the Fuel Surcharge applied to road services is 9,84%. The surcharge adjustment is non-binding for the company and should be considered indicative; percentages may change without notice. D.B. Group reserves the right to change the surcharge adjustment. For more information, please contact


June (16th - 30th) 2024 9.84
June (1st - 15th) 2024 11.16
May (16th- 31st) 2024 11.86
May (1st - 15th) 2024 12.31
April (16th - 30th) 2024 12.20
April (1st - 15th) 2024 12.33
March (16th- 31st) 2024 12.32
March (1st - 15th) 2024 12.37
February (16th - 29th) 2024 11.92
February (1st - 15th) 2024 10.53
January (16th- 31st) 2024 10.54
January (1st - 15th) 2024 10.98
December (16th - 31st) 2023 11.38
December (1st - 15th) 2023 12.91
November (16th - 30th) 2023 13.74
November (1st - 15th) 2023 15.06
October (16th - 31st) 2023 15.52
October (1st - 15th) 2023 14.81


For June 2024, the CAF update applied to the Road Service is 15.72% (the update is not binding for the company and is purely indicative; the percentages indicated may change without notice. D. B. Group reserves the right to vary the applicable update rate).


From 1st of January 2021, legal rules of the Electronic Public Road Trade Control System (EKÁER) have changed. Only those products which are mentioned in the schedule of the Decree 51/2014 (Dec 31) issued by the Minister for the National Economy on the determination of risky products, must be reported. EKÁER registration obligation remains applicable only for former high-risk products.

According to the new regulation, taxpayers shall declare the movement of the notifiable product by motor vehicle, which movement aims to supply of goods, acquisition of goods or has other purposes and entails public road transportation. This public road transportation may be carried out by taxpayers having a valid EKÁER number.

The EKÁER number is issued by the NTCA upon notification and lasts 15 days from its establishment. The notification shall disclose data related to the given public road transportation.

For further information or any doubts, D.B. Group Staff is at your disposal at


D.B.Group Wine & Food Division aims to offer our Customers a focused and customised service designed to meet the specific requirements of these products. With extensive experience in international freight-forwarding and transportation, D.B.Group can provide a full range of services and customised solutions, all carried out by dedicated staff.

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