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Air Freight towards USA

03 November 2020


We inform you that air service towards the United States is suffering from lower space availability and consequent issues, due to a serious reduction of the number of passengers and the related number of aircraft serving the transatlantic road.

We are dealing with the following points:

  • Air transport companies service is getting worse, not allowing the regular transport of goods;
  • Difficulties in finding available space also taking into consideration that covid-19 linked projects will necessarily become a priority over other goods.For this reason, we recommend you to buy air services in advance;
  • The consequent increase in the service cost;

To minimize the impact of these issues and to be in the front line, as usual, D.B. Group is dealing with air companies to negotiate dedicated spaces.

In case you need to delete booked shipments, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance to avoid the payment of penalties and to specify shipments that must match a mandatory delivery date.

Our Italian and American teams are making their best to find all the available solutions for your needs.

For more information our offices are at your complete disposal. We shall advise you for every relevant update.

D.B. Group

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