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Covid-19 Global Update

24 August 2021



At Ningbo Port, anti-Covid-19 containment measures have been tightened due to multiple cases of positivity among operators. The area mainly affected is Beilun. There are many containers currently stopped due to the difficulty in finding transportation means and drivers. For this reason, greater flexibility in the choice of ports of departure and arrival in China is recommended. Contact our staff to evaluate all options.



Here below follows a summary of the import service situation in Shanghai:

Air service - PVG terminal is currently working, although the time needed to execute some operations is prolonged and some international bonded truck services are suspended or canceled.
At present, most consignees in Shanghai are unable to receive the goods, and the transport services and rates for areas outside the city need to be confirmed case by case, according to local policy.

HGH terminal is operational, but all cargo must be temporarily stored in terminal or bonded warehouse for 7 days, whether they are approved or not by customs.
Due to the situation, the storage capacity is constrained, and the pick-up efficiency is low.
This leads to delays and disruptions in road transport.

Road transport - local logistics is slowly recovering. Only about 10% of the usual capacity is available, while the rest of the vehicles are used for the transport of anti-pandemic materials.

Customs clearance - The consignee and the customs broker are required to prepare the customs clearance documentation in advance to not affect the time limit allowed for clearance process.

Our teams are at your complete disposal to answer any question and are constantly monitoring the situation to quickly deliver updates and alternative solutions based on your needs.



The restrictions imposed to control and prevent the recent increase in Covid-19 positive cases have been intensified in Shanghai and in many other cities and provinces of China, where the lockdown has been imposed on some people and communities. This causes delays and disruptions in many sectors.

Furthermore, the limitations involving road transport impact the volumes of goods managed at main hubs. Despite that, ports and airports remain currently operational.

We expect that the current situation will last for the next weeks.

After this period, we wish for a fast resumption of the logistics and freight forwarding sector.
We shall keep you informed about further development.



While the lockdown persists in the city of Shanghai, positive cases have been found in nearby Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. This has a negative impact on freight transport, which is currently experiencing strong difficulties due to the strict restrictions.

New Covid-19 positive cases have also been detected in Guangzhou, where some areas of the city were isolated. Here, to enter or leave the city it is required to present the result of a test performed in the 48 hours before the move. Despite the restrictions, road transport, ports and airports seem to be normally operational.

Also in Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin and Dalian it is required to present the result of a molecular test, performed within 48 hours prior to the move, to enter or leave the city. This measure mainly affects the means of transport entering or leaving port and airport terminals.

Please note that Qingdao airport requires to store incoming goods for a period of 10 days at the airport hub before proceeding with delivery.
In some cases it is also required to sterilize all imported goods before proceeding to delivery.

In the city of Chengdu the situation remains stable.



Unlike shared earlier, the lockdown persists in the Pudong and Puxi and other areas of Shanghai, while the situation seems stable in other cities, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Xiamen, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, and Beijing.
In the Shanghai area, the activities at the port and airport terminals are slowed down and, in some cases, suspended due to restrictions. Difficulties are also involving road transport.

This situation could cause delays or service disruptions.

In Hong Kong difficulties persist in finding means and drivers for road transport with a consequent direct impact on shipments to and from other areas of mainland China.
Our teams constantly monitor the situation to quickly deliver updates and alternative solutions based on your needs.



As shared earlier this week, China continues to face the increase in cases of Covid-19 and in the city of Shanghai a lockdown has been imposed to allow the authorities to carry out mass testing.
Currently, it appears that the restriction measures will be applied in two alternating phases:

• Pudong District, 28th March to 1st April
• Puxi District, 1st to 5th April.

We expect delays and disruptions that might involve road transport and operations at major maritime hubs, airports, and railway.
Our teams monitor the situation and are available to provide further information



Shanghai: a new lockdown has been announced for the municipality of Shanghai, starting on 28thMarch and valid until 5thApril. This will for sure affect road transport and warehousing services, for which we expect possible delays and cancellations.
Container trucks movement in and out the city of Shanghai is limited for vehicles coming from other provinces. Warehouses have announced they will maintain skeleton staff to ensure basic activity. However, this might imply delays in operations.
We shall keep you informed about further development.



Northern China: the lockdown persists in the city of Shenyang, while the situation improves in the city of Weihai. The situation also improves in Qingdao, where port and airport hubs are currently operational.

South China: restrictions in the city of Shenzhen and in Dongguan area have been eased and a progressive return to normality is observed.

We shall keep you informed about further developments.



Restrictive measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 may cause delays or disruptions in international transport. Currently, truckers must have a negative test report to run the pickup and delivery domestic service of containers.
Warehouses are operating smoothly, although some workers are isolated.
We expect the current situation to persist during next days.

Our teams constantly monitor the situation to provide updates quickly.



In the cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen and in Dongguan area, the lockdown has been extended.
To ensure the safety of our colleagues and the best service to all customers, our local staff continues to work remotely.
Due to the containment measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 we expect an impact on both domestic road transport and on rail terminals in import and export of the affected cities.
Our teams are constantly monitoring the situation and are at your disposal to provide further information.



As already announced in previous days, we are witnessing an increase in cases of Covid-19 in mainland China. In response, the Government is imposing strict restrictions and, in some cities even establishing the lockdown.
Due to the peak of infections, the lockdown has been imposed in the metropolis of Shenzhen, suspending public transport and requiring people to work from home.
Similarly, positive cases have increased also in the cities of Shanghai and Qingdao. Based on the Zero Covid Strategy, some communities are being isolated and mass tests of the population are being carried out.

Colleagues in Shanghai continue to work remotely.

Currently, operations continue at ports and airport hubs of the areas affected by new restrictions. Despite this, impacts are expected on the national transport and warehousing, thus affecting international transport too.

Our teams constantly monitor the situation to provide updates quickly.



Road transport and driver availability between mainland China and Hong Kong remain problematic due to restrictions imposed to control the spread of Covid-19. In many cases, this means high difficulties to transport goods from the areas of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan to Hong Kong resulting in difficulties for air import from China to Europe.



Cases of Covid-19 seem to increase also in mainland China. The province of Shandong seems particularly impacted. Here, the Government has established lockdown in some areas surrounding Qingdao. As regards international transport and logistics, the restrictions imposed may cause delays and disruptions that could involve road transport and the operations at major maritime hubs, airports and railways with situations similar to those already seen in recent months. Our local teams are monitoring the situation to provide timely updates.



Air freight congestion is still persistent. Cargo terminals are suffering backlogs and delays and impressive queues are happenning at Dahka airport with trucks waiting for hours to pick-up and or unload goods.
Heavy cargo pressure is pushing air freight rates at higher levels.
Our teams keep monitoring the situation.



We inform you that Vietnam authorities are deploying forces, including the Army, to deal with COVID-19 outbreaks in the economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City and provinces in the south.
Residents in those areas are required to "stay where they are" from August 23 till September 6, said Pham Duc Hai, deputy head of the city's steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control.
Logistics operations continue but with lots of restrictions on movement. Permits must be obtained from the Police or the Army.
We foresee huge delays at ports and airports due to limited staff in those locations and few trucks authorized in movement.
Our staff is still working from home and are doing their very best to support all clients and handle operations smoothly.
We will keep you informed.



Containment measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 have negatively impacted ocean freight, slowing down the flow of the operations. Urgencies have thus diverted to air freight, which is now facing congestion, tight spaces, and variable rates.
Our international staff is monitoring the situation to provide further news quickly.

On August 20, two workers of the cargo terminal of Shanghai-Pudong Internal Airport have been tested positive for Covid-19. Consequently, all departure operations of both passengers and cargo have been suspended.
We shall have to await further developments and we expect further increase in air transport congestion.
We remind you that the Nanjing airport is closed since the end of July.

On August 11, the Port Authority of Ningbo-Zhoushan suspended operations at Meidong Container Terminal (MSIC) after a worker tested positive to Covid-19.
On August 18, operations have been partially resumed for the ships already arrived at the port, to catch up on the backlog before the complete recovery of terminal activities.
We expect that the MSICT may be partially resuming import-export operations starting from August 25. For now, we have not received confirmation of the final date of complete activities reactivation.
Despite the partial recovery, we are experiencing a congestion situation not only in the MSICT terminal but also in the other port’s terminal, where ships have been diverted. We expect delays in ocean import operations.



On August 11, the Port Authority of Ningbo-Zhoushan suspended operations at Meidong Container Terminal (MSIC) after a worker tested positive to Covid-19.
The main focus of this terminal are Asia-Eurpe and Transpacific-Eastbound routes.
Although all other terminals are fully operational, they are still facing the negative effects of the typhoon that hit some Chinese areas at the end of July, thus registering an average waiting time to berth of 2-3 days, which we expect to quickly increase due to the temporary closure of Meidong Container Terminal.
Currently, almost 30 vessels are waiting to enter the port.
We are still waiting for communications about the service schedule, but we expect this situation to cause delays in import operations.
Our staffs keep monitoring the state of activities. To know more about your shipment and to evaluate alternative solutions, please contact our teams.
We shall keep you informed about further developments.



We inform you that Ningbo-Zhoushan port has suspended operations at one of its terminals as a worker tested positive to Covid-19.  We are waiting for official communications about the impact on service schedule. However, we expect this might cause delays on import operations.
To prevent the spread of the virus, the Chinese Government has recently re-introduced restrictions in areas where positive Covid-19 cases are reported.
Most ports in the country are now requiring a nucleic acid test (NAT) for all crew, with vessels forced to remain at anchor until negative results are confirmed.
Many ports in the country are also requiring vessels to quarantine for 14-28 days if they previously berthed in India or performed a crew change within 14 days of arriving in China.



We inform you that the NKG airport, in the province of Jiangsu – Mainland China - has been closed due to the actual pandemic situation.
There is no airport staff, just a few workers in charge of epidemic prevention engaged in the disinfection of internal spaces.
Flights to and from NKG airport are cancelled until the 12th of August.
This closure is added to the already delicate situation: unfortunately, we expect congestion at Shanghai airport, lack of available spaces, and increases in tariffs.
Our teams are constantly monitoring the situation and if necessary, will inform you about further developments.



As the Delta variant of Covid-19 continues hitting different regions of the country, the Bangladesh government announced the resumption of a stricter 14-days lockdown starting from July 23.
In addition to the previously shared restrictions, offices, courts, garment factories and all kinds of industries will remain closed.
The lockdown will largely affect operations and we expect delays on shipments.
We remain at your disposal and keep you posted.


Due to a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases, Bangladesh has issued a complete lockdown starting from Wednesday, July 1st.
People will not be allowed to leave their homes except for emergencies and rail and bus services are already suspended.
Essential activities will still be opened but there may be manufacturing chokes and shipping delays.
We shall keep you informed about further updates.


Covid-19 global update

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